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CEMOWAS2 is a new challenge inside the concept of circular economy applied to the competences of the local authorities as for the organic services of waste management and of the process by-products of purification (muds and waste water). This new model of management needs a change of paradigm, in which “the residue turns into resource”, which will allow to reduce the impact on the environment and to favor the development of new economic models.

The project will allow the construction of strategies of management and the demonstration of the viability of concrete solutions as for organic residues and waste water. These models will be optimized and transferred from a few territories to others, so that there is reached a major degree of environmental quality in the use of the resources and consistently in the protection of the natural heritage of the areas integrated to this initiative.

The innovative character of CEMOWAS2 one agrees in the participation as partners of the project or as pubic aim of the actions, of the set of the necessary actors to lead this change of paradigm. The strategies developed by competent actors (Occitania, New Aquitaine, Navarre, Catalonia, Extremadura and Region of Lisbon) will be constructed by the implication of regional actors and the support of other partners (investigation centers and chamber of commerce).