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The first result of the project will be BBPP’s identification as for waste management, waste water and routes of improvement in the current management by means of the technological, economic and / or social innovation.

Other results will be the accomplishment of territorial strategies (6) and the implementation of demonstrative actions (10) of valuation of the residues, which will happen to be a resource. These results will feed a virtual platform that will allow to spread methods, tools and good practices in order that the producers and managers of residues and waters could choose the most suitable option of management of his residues so much from the technological, social, environmental as economic point of view.

Other diffusion and transfer activities of the results to other territories of the Sudoe will be realized across the activities of “Communication” and specific actions (technical seminars and visits of study), as well as also with the organization of a final European seminar.

In addition, a continuous assessment of the project will be carried out. Recommendations will be formulated to the regional and national level as for circular and ecosystem-based management of the services of waste management and waste water.

Finally, the developed strategies will be optimized and transferred from a few territories to others, so that a major efficiency is reached in the use of the local resources and, consistently, in the protection of the natural heritage of the areas integrated to this initiative. Thanks to the opportunity of interregional collaboration that offers the program SUDOE, certain regions that show important progresses and capacities in environmental governance they will be able to aspire to improve furthermore his policies of sustainable development.